Company Profile

Company Profile

Exporting to over 70 countries

Medex is a pharmaceutical supply company, serving businesses in Medical, Healthcare, Hospital, United Nations, and Governmental markets. APIs and chemicals are supplied from its central Northamptonshire location in England, with easy access to motorways, airports and sea ports. Our growing global export business services over 70 countries from our Rugby, UK headquarters. We have a positive service attitude to solving difficult supply problems, offering products ranging from controlled, licensed Pharmaceutical products to generic, finished dosage forms i.e. tablets, capsules, ampoules, solutions, creams and ointments, through to fine chemicals and inorganic products. We can supply in small volume quantities, customised packing and many pack sizes not easily obtained elsewhere. Pharmacy dispensing is regularly supplied by our Galenicals service. Medex Pharma supply chain service levels are professional, flexible and organised to match the client’s specific requirements. A policy of waste reduction and care for the environment is reinforced through working with approved suppliers who demonstrate appropriate waste minimisation standards and process control.
Medex has 35 years proven experience in this international healthcare environment supplying pharmaceutical businesses, Government public health offices, United Nations and NGO agencies. Customers range from Producers to Hospitals, Laboratories to Public Health Departments, Africa to North America, Asia to Europe, and Middle East to South America. Medex can help resolve problems including working with clients to meet regulatory requirements of importing/exporting, LCs and financial documentation.
Medex delivers quality, service, trust and reliability to its customers, supplying regulated markets with WHO GMP quality products from qualified, certified and approved manufacture

Company Profile

Medex Pharma is a pharmaceutical supply company, serving businesses in Medical, Healthcare, Hospital, United Nations, and Governmental markets.

Quality & Certification

Our products are offered matching the specification and quality requirements set down by our customers. Product grades are available meeting EP, BP, USP protocols and analytical standards.


Medex Pharma professional supply chain is flexible, and matches the service level needs of individual customers. Quality, service, trust and reliability are key elements Medex Pharma delivers to customers.

Hobart Enterprises

Medex Pharma is a Hobart Company. Hobart Enterprises is the holding company of numerous chemical importing and distributing companies worldwide.